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Garlic & Herb Dressing (Keto)

By kayla
At Mar 03, 2018

Garlic Herb Mixture

Measure out and mix together ingredients – makes about 4 tbsp (1/4 cup); store in air-tight container. Caking make occur but that’s OK, just scrape it up. Mixture yields ~ 1/4 cup of seasoning, 8 servings for Garlic & Herb Dressing. 

  • 3 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 3 tsp. ground mustard
  • 2 tsp. dried parsley
  • 1 tsp. onion powder
  • 1 tsp. dried minced onion

Garlic Herb Dressing

Mix ingredients below in dressing container; pour on salad. 

  • 1/2 tbsp. Herb Mixture (above)
  • 1/4 c. white vinegar
  • 3 tbsp. water
  • 1/2 c. oil (like EVOO)

Late Summer Adventure!

By kayla
At Sep 02, 2017

I spent this morning planning out some late summer (early autumn!) adventures. My mom gifted me a wine tasting and cheese platter for 10 people at Hardwick Winery. Since this is almost a two hour trek from Boston (the greater greater Boston area if you will), I decided to plan a whole day around the tasting in order to make it more worth-while.

After a little research I decided to start at a local orchard, Meadowbrook Farm, for some apple picking and cider donuts. Yum! Then a quick 2-mile hike at Wachusett Mountain. Finally, we’ll end the scenic day at Hardwick Winery.

I texted this event flyer (below) to all my invitees. The invitation has details such as times, addresses, and maps! See my portfolio for other examples of my custom modern invitations.

Look for a review of how this event went later in the Fall! Want to plan a similar event? Let’s talk! Click here to go to my Contact page.


My Birthday Party

By kayla
At Aug 27, 2017

This year I decided I wanted nothing more than to go to a classy club for my birthday. We’re talking men have to wear pants and nice shoes, women in their favorite dresses, and everyone is dancing!! Since I live in the city, I hosted a cocktail party  at my apartment then we all Ubered over to the club. Here are some details about my “Kayla’s Night Out” and how I hosted this Birthday Soiree!

First, I had to find a club. There are dozens all over Boston, all with their own rules for VIP service. For example, not all tables allow the same number of people. Additionally, table minimums vary from $350-$700+ and sometimes include waiving the cover charge, sometimes they only waive it for part of your party. Another benefit some clubs offer to their VIP guests is line privileges – this means you can show up at any time and cut the line. I hope to make a checklist soon of questions to ask when booking a club – comment if you think this would be useful! After calling around, I decided that Cure Lounge would be the best fit for me and the group of friends I was inviting.

Once I decided on a club, I had to get make a plan for the party. When should people come over? How much food should I have? Is there space for everyone to park? So many questions to answer! After some fun time spent planning how I’d like my special night to go, I was ready to tell my friends! Based on my conversation with the club promoter, I knew I could invite 10-12 people. I designed one of my Custom Modern Invitations to share all the details of the party with my guests. Being able to text a picture-invitation to all my friends made it easy to get the information out in less than two minutes! In reference to the song “Scholarships” by Future, I made this invitation:

Cocktail & Food Menu:

  • Prosecco Soaked Sugar-Coated Grapes. Recipe from Delish, here. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend these though, they didn’t really soak up the bubbly!
  • Fruit Salad. Just whatever was on sale at the supermarket – strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, etc.
  • Blended Watermelon and Vodka Coolers. These were a HUGE success! Not a drop left! Recipe from Jennifer Meyering, here.
  • Birthday Cake Flavored, Frosting-Rimmed Shots. I made modifications to a recipe on Tbsp, here.

After looking at my food and beverage list, I decided to make my theme green and pink – like a watermelon. Why pick a theme? When your food and decor all match, it just makes the whole event feel cohesive and run smoother. It’s also nice on the eyes for you guests and it’s fun to pull together! Finally, nice decorations are the difference between a cheap college “pre-game” party and being an adult. Besides you won’t break the bank, I was able to get everything I needed between my local party store and a department store for less than $55.

Decorations Shopping List:

  • 1 lg. Birthday helium balloon
  • 2 sm. balloons (in green for my theme!)
  • 2 Streamer rolls, 1 pink & 1 green
  • 1 Green plastic table cloth
  • 2 sm. pink plastic bowls
  • Package of pink-handled forks
  • Pink plates
  • 1 set of pink Birthday napkins
  • Pink and white paper straws
  • Green candles

Those are the basics of how I planned out my birthday party this year. It was a huge success, from the watermelon coolers, to getting low on the dance floor, even to the late-night dumplings we got in Chinatown at the end of the night! To help you imagine how it all came together, I have included pictures below from the portion of the evening I hosted at my apartment. A lot of time and effort went into making my party fun and memorable for all who attended. Are you planning a birthday party? Don’t have time to make all these plans? Whether you plan to go out in Boston or not, I would enjoy to work with you to make your birthday special! Click here to contact me about working together on your next party.


(Left) Prosecco grapes. (Right) Fruit Salad.

Watermelon coolers. See the green at the bottom of the cup? That’s sour apple liqueur.

Cupcake flavored shots, rimmed with pink-vanilla frosting and sprinkles.



Monday Night in the Financial District, August

By kayla
At Aug 24, 2017

After a series of unfortunate events, our long weekend found itself extending into Monday (so not really that unfortunate right?). We decided to make the most of it and go out and explore the city. We took public transportation (aka. the Ferry) to the Financial District then walked over to the Faneuil Hall area for whatever enticed us for dinner. Then we walked around – past the larger-the-life statues of Quincy Market, beyond the State Street building construction, traversed Post Office Square only to cut across to the Rose Kennedy Greenway and get lost in some modern art, and then some. But the picture below are worth a thousand more beyond my words…

So if you find yourself in Boston on a casual Monday night, here is what I would recommend you do! The best parts about this night were: (1) the exploration exercise (2) our fully bellies and wallets (3) the special connection you feel with the city, only on a quiet weeknight.

*Although I didn’t watermark these photos as mine, all of them are! (c)

Find a way to get to the Financial District in downtown Boston.

Take a deep breathe to soak it all in. View of the Financial District from the harbor.

The entrance to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market Place from the waterfront (east).

Some wicked Bahston paraphernalia and touristy trinkets. I confess, I give a lot of these items away as gifts for holidays and birthdays.

The famous Quincy Market! Heads Up: Quincy Market is not a produce market – its more like an elongated food court.

Our stomachs led us to Koy. We have been here before and it happened to be dumpling night! Featured here though, one of their delicious maki rolls. I highly recommend the hot stone bibimbap if you’ve never had Korean. If you like vodka, I recommend the cucumber cilantro lemonade – the muddled cucs are so refreshing.

The trellis as Post Office Square. The lights inside make this a romantic stroll.

And the flowers are just lovey.

Post Office Square is great for some unique city-scape, night-time portraits.

“Children and adults alike delight in the Rings Fountain at Milk Street and its unpredictable and irresistible water patterns that jet into the air from a flat paved surface” – Rose Kennedy Greenway Website

Art & Angles along the way.

The Greenway Maze. I walked the whole thing and made it to the middle!

We ambled around the North End and debated dessert cocktails and dessert… deciding against both I still looked wistfully at my favorite place to get espresso martinis – Trattoria Il Panino.

We went home after that – we had work the next day! But I hoped you enjoyed our photographic journey as much as we enjoyed the real deal! Did you go on a similar stroll? Or maybe we missed something! Please comment or e-mail me any thoughts you have about my Monday night out in Boston, I’d love to hear from you.