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By kayla
At Nov 18, 2017

House Warming Party

My good friends from college bought a house together over the summer! As sad as it was to watch them move out of the city, I am super excited for their next adventure. They’ve been working really hard to get their new home in shape to finally have company over. When they were planning their house-warming BBQ, they gave me a call to make sure they weren’t forgetting any details before they started inviting guests. I passed along a few tips about food and such, then offered to make them a flyer. This would help to make communicating details about the event easier amidst all the chaos of a new home. They had mention all their labor reminded them of the HGTV Show, Fixer Upper. I used this comparison to design the custom invitation you see below.

Spring Break Reunion 

Having graduated a few years ago, staying in touch with friends is only getting tougher! We all miss each other so much and it’s easiest to catch up with everyone all at one time. After surveying a group of over a dozen, I found the best date and time for us all to reunite in Boston. We knew we wanted to do something to remind us of our senior-year Spring Break trip to Panama City Beach (PCB). Short a few white sand beaches and public drinking laws, I decided that meeting at Lawn on D would be a great compromise. With the location and time set, I designed the invitation flyer below with pictures from our actual trip to PCB. Everyone loved to reminisce over the memories.

Independence Day Party

My friend Devin has one of the best views of Boston from his apartment that I’ve ever seen. When I found out he was thinking about hosting a 4th of July Party, I drafted the flyer below for him. To my delight, he loved it! Especially the funny comments I added in like, “GTFO I have work tomorrow.” Devin sent this holiday party flyer to all his friends and it helped to make the event a huge success.

Girl’s Slumber Party

When my fiance is travelling for work, I like to optimize on girl time! I decided to throw an adult version of a slumber party – complete with nail painting, gossip and classic chick-flicks! To convey all the potential fun we could have without gross boys around (ew, cooties!), I made this flyer and invited about a dozen friends to come over and hang out for the night. We had a lot of fun but I went way overboard on all the food!