A little about me

By kayla
At May 30, 2017

Hi! My name is Kayla. I’m an energetic and occasionally awkward brunette who loves good times, better company and great memories.  I grew up in New England and I just moved to Boston in the Fall of 2015 after graduating college. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my day job, but if there is one thing college taught me about myself it’s that I like to HAVE FUN. Life is too short to only have an ok time doing something! Since moving to Boston I have been aggressively seeking out new bars, hot gastropubs, good-vibes music venues, and more. So far, I have been doing this just because I want to make sure that I am always having the best time possible. You only live once, am I right!?

I’ve noticed that friends and coworkers have been asking me things like how do you do it? or where are my “go-to” local spots. This got me thinking. I realized that although there are awesome review services out there like yelp, zagat, or spottedbylocals – there is just this trustworthy personal touch missing from all these reviews. Thus the inception of Kayla’s Night Out – an honest resource for reviews, night-out-planning, and more. So whether you live in Boston already or are moving here, whether you visit on some weekends or are touristing this once from far-away, I have the perfect plans, tempting tips, and awesome advice you need!

At this time, since I live in the city, the majority of my reviews are for venues in Boston. However, soon I hope to also review bars in local New England towns such as  Newburyport (MA), Portsmouth (NH), and Portland (ME). I’m also a big fan of long-weekend jet-setting that jams in the most amount of site-seeing and local experiences as possible – I hope to share these weekend get-away must-do’s as well. So stay tuned! Lots of honest information coming soon.



Welcome to Kayla’s Night Out!

By kayla
At Mar 26, 2017

Do you work hard all week? Ya!

Do you deserve to have a great time? Ya!

Do you wish there was a better to way to guarantee that great time? YA!! 

I couldn’t agree more! We all work so damn hard, we deserve a great night out every time we go out. I don’t mean to brag, but there aren’t too many nights that I didn’t have a good time – I want to share that luck with everyone! My hope is that by sharing my experiences and honest reflections, you can plan to have a better night out!

I am working on describing all of my best nights out at a variety of bars, gastropubs, music venues, and more! As I am working on writing these reviews for the 100+ bars in Boston alone that I’ve already been to, please feel free to message me about specific bar reviews, additional opinions, and night-out coordination.

Off to the bar,


[Boston, MA] This is the view of Atlantic Avenue from the Custom House Tower, featuring Rowes Wharf’s Boston Harbor Hotel (center), the International Place skyscrapers (right), and the Seaport in the background.