This Website & How I Can Help You!

By kayla
At Aug 24, 2017

When I moved to Boston after college, I didn’t really know what to do for fun in the city or where to go out. I read tons of local websites, yelp reviews and countless Pinterest lists to figure it out. Unable to find answers from reviews alone, I took to the streets myself! Since then, I have been to over a hundred bars, restaurants, concert venues and historic sites in Boston. Whether you’ve lived here for years or your visiting for one night, I’m confident my website has the resources you need to help ensure you have a great time in the city!

On my website you’ll find…

  • Night out suggestions
  • My favorite restaurants reviewed
  • Instagram photo ideas
  • More!
Beyond my blog content I also offer…
  • Free Boston Weekly Weekend Advice. If you subscribe to my weekly email, you’ll receive advice each Thursday morning of what I’d do (and likely will do) in the city that weekend.
  • Boston Trip Consulting. I also offer consulting for planning your time in the city (click here to complete a request – first one-day trip consultation is free!). This is popular among groups of friends or teams of co-workers who’re all meeting up in the city.
  • Custom Modern Invitations. Whether to share details on your trip to Boston with friends or to invite your family over for a birthday celebration, I can design you a custom modern invitation for the occasion. The invitation comes in the form of a high-quality, textable photo resembling a flyer. My invitations are perfect for conveying all the details your event needs without stamps or Facebook.
  • Photographed City Tours. Whether I’m providing the tour or you want me to tag along for the trolley rides, I offer photography services! These are especially popular among couples traveling who want to see the city but don’t want all their photos to be selfies (FYI it’s really hard to get a shot of you and the Pru!).

Please use my contact page to submit any inquiries!


A little about me

By kayla
At May 30, 2017

Hi! My name is Kayla. I’m an energetic and occasionally awkward brunette who loves good times, better company and great memories.  I grew up in New England and I just moved to Boston in the Fall of 2015 after graduating college. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my day job, but if there is one thing college taught me about myself it’s that I like to HAVE FUN. Life is too short to only have an ok time doing something! Since moving to Boston I have been aggressively seeking out new bars, hot gastropubs, good-vibes music venues, and more. So far, I have been doing this just because I want to make sure that I am always having the best time possible. You only live once, am I right!?

I’ve noticed that friends and coworkers have been asking me things like how do you do it? or where are my “go-to” local spots. This got me thinking. I realized that although there are awesome review services out there like yelp, zagat, or spottedbylocals – there is just this trustworthy personal touch missing from all these reviews. Thus the inception of Kayla’s Night Out – an honest resource for reviews, night-out-planning, and more. So whether you live in Boston already or are moving here, whether you visit on some weekends or are touristing this once from far-away, I have the perfect plans, tempting tips, and awesome advice you need!

At this time, since I live in the city, the majority of my reviews are for venues in Boston. However, soon I hope to also review bars in local New England towns such as  Newburyport (MA), Portsmouth (NH), and Portland (ME). I’m also a big fan of long-weekend jet-setting that jams in the most amount of site-seeing and local experiences as possible – I hope to share these weekend get-away must-do’s as well. So stay tuned! Lots of honest information coming soon.