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Tips when Going Out for Dinner in the North End

By kayla
At Oct 15, 2017

Going out in Boston can be tough! Especially in a small and busy district like the North End. Here are some tips about going out in the North End.

  1. If you don’t travel to Boston often, I always recommend looking at a map of Boston, and the area you’re going, before you get there. This 3-minute google search can save you tons of time. I included a map of Boston and the North End area below.
  2. Look up where to park/valet ahead of time. Expect local traffic/congestion.
  3. If you’re going on a weekend, making a reservation is crucial.
  4. Don’t expect your table to be ready even if you make a reservation. Also, most places would prefer to seat an extra table than waste the space on a host stand. Which leads to my next tip…
  5. Plan to wait outside. Again, no room!
  6. The valet in the North End isn’t typically restaurant-specific, it’s shared between multiple hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Plan to give the valet a 20-30 minute heads up before you need your car back.
  7. Expect lackadaisical bar service. There’s probably a lot of people near the bar, the bartender will get to you when he can. Relax, slow down, it’s fine.
  8. On noise and proximity… again, the more tables the better! Expect close quarters and lots of chatter! Don’t think of it as noisy and distracting, think of it as lively and engaging.

Bonus Advice when Going Out in the North End….

  1. Arrive early and take a stroll past the historic….
  2. It’s always worth the wait for a dessert pastry at….
  3. If you’d prefer a nightcap for dessert, I recommend…
  4. A good hotel¬†near this area is the…

There you go! 8 Tips about what to plan for when going out in Boston’s North End! Interested in the extra information from my bonus advice? Looking to go out in the North End but can’t decide between places? Or just don’t have time to figure it all out (directions, parking, reservations, dessert..) – lets chat! I’d love to make it easy for you to have a great night out.

Looking for more examples of how my advice can be useful? Check out how I helped my client, Tess, go out last weekend in West Back Bay.


Map of Boston with the North End highlighted and nearby areas called out.

Map of Boston’s North End.


Going Out: West Back Bay

By kayla
At Oct 06, 2017

My client, Tess*, had just moved to Boston to be with her boyfriend. This weekend, some of Tess’s friends from college are coming to visit and she really wanted to show them a good time! But she’s only been here a couple months and not really sure where to go. Based on the area of the city, I recommended what I felt they would most enjoy. I provided them with an infographic containing the recommended bars, why each was great, and a map of the locations. With the recommendations of a local, Tess was able to spare herself hours of research and stress. The downloadable image file** I shared with Tess is included below:

My personalized ‘Going Out’ flyers can be customized for each client’s needs to accommodate all kinds of scenarios – walking limitations, food allergies, budget, alcohol preferences, etc. Contact me about the night out you’d like to plan! The initial consultation is free so you have nothing to lose.

*All names, addresses and personal info are changed to protect the privacy of clients.

** Image altered to reduce size for internet speeds. For higher quality samples please inquire ūüôā


After Work Bowling Party

By kayla
At Oct 05, 2017

On a Friday night after work, a dozen of us met up at Jillian’s & Lucky Strike Lanes by Fenway to start the weekend right. Two lanes for two hours, free shoes for 20 friends, apps and a server. We had a blast and there were plenty of laughs to spare. After bowling we went to Lansdowne¬†next door and it was lit after the Red Sox game let out. Heads up: they had a five-dollar cover started at 9 PM though, we made it just in time! Lansdowne also is a good bet for a live-band if your in the Fenway area on the weekend.

Everyone who came had a great time and really appreciate the bars list on the side of the custom invitation I designed for the event. This helped the crew decide where to migrate too after bowling was finished. The custom flyer is included below along with some photos from the event. Wish you had this much fun with your friends?¬†¬†And great pictures to show it off? Want to plan a night out in Boston? I’d love to help!

Note how you can see the historic Fenway Park in the background – it’s right around the corner from Jillian’s Lucky Strike.

Pro Tip: Make sure your guests know where to park¬†before¬†driving to the event, especially on the night of a Red Sox Game! This is something I can help with if you’d like.

After bowling, we went to Lansdowne Pub.

Fun fact: The Lansdowne kitchen serves until 1 AM from Sunday-Thursday.

Here is the custom modern invitation I designed for the event. All guests were texted this high-quality informational flyer and the event was a huge success! We all agreed we would do it again. Like the look of this invitation? Check some of my other unique flyers in my Invitation Portfolio. Interested in using a similar invitation for your next event? Let’s chat! Shoot me an e-mail at


Favorite Venues by Area of Boston

By kayla
At Oct 04, 2017

Boston isn’t that big of a city. LA is 5x the size of Boston by square miles. But I still recommend people don’t travel too far from their hotel or airbnb without good reason when they visit for a short period of time. There’s enjoyment to be had in each corner of the city! Here are my go-to or “favorite” venues in each area of the city. After the area and venue, I included a short blurb about why I think its the best and you can’t go wrong if you visit.

  • [Key] Area¬†VENUE¬†why its the best¬†
  • Charlestown PIER 6 the view of the Boston skyline is picturesque¬†
  • North Sta./The Garden¬†TAVERN IN THE SQUARE (aka. “TITS”)¬†a bazillion beers on tap
  • North End¬†TRATTORIA IL PANINO¬†the espresso martinis are magnifique¬†
  • Faneuil Hall¬†COOGAN’S¬†cheers to cheap beers!
  • Theater District¬†THE ROYALE¬†for an epic concert¬†
  • Downtown Crossing¬†YVONNE’S¬†classy American tapas¬†
  • Southie¬†LINCOLN¬†a delish & boozy brunch¬†
  • Fort Point¬†CITY TAP HOUSE¬†again, lots of beers on tap¬†
  • Seaport¬†EMPIRE¬†for sushi and scorpion bowls
  • Fenway¬†YARD HOUSE¬†great menu and lively atmosphere
  • Back Bay¬†LOLITA’S¬†Mexican style tapas with Gothic decor
  • South End¬†TREMONT 647¬†to eat brunch in pajamas

Monday Night in the Financial District, August

By kayla
At Aug 24, 2017

After a series of unfortunate events, our long weekend found itself extending into Monday (so not really that unfortunate right?). We decided to make the most of it and go out and explore the city. We took public transportation (aka. the Ferry) to the Financial District then walked over to the Faneuil Hall area for whatever enticed us for dinner. Then we walked around – past the larger-the-life statues of Quincy Market, beyond the State Street building construction, traversed Post Office Square only to cut across to the Rose Kennedy Greenway and get lost in some modern art, and then some. But the picture below are worth a thousand more beyond my words…

So if you find yourself in Boston on a casual Monday night, here is what I would recommend you do! The best parts about this night were: (1) the exploration exercise (2) our fully bellies and wallets (3) the special connection you feel with the city, only on a quiet weeknight.

*Although I didn’t watermark these photos as mine, all of them are! (c)

Find a way to get to the Financial District in downtown Boston.

Take a deep breathe to soak it all in. View of the Financial District from the harbor.

The entrance to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market Place from the waterfront (east).

Some wicked Bahston paraphernalia and touristy trinkets. I confess, I give a lot of these items away as gifts for holidays and birthdays.

The famous Quincy Market! Heads Up: Quincy Market is not a produce market Рits more like an elongated food court.

Our stomachs led us to Koy. We have been here before and it happened to be dumpling night! Featured here though, one of their delicious maki rolls. I highly recommend the hot stone bibimbap if you’ve never had Korean. If you like vodka, I recommend the cucumber cilantro lemonade – the muddled cucs are so refreshing.

The trellis as Post Office Square. The lights inside make this a romantic stroll.

And the flowers are just lovey.

Post Office Square is great for some unique city-scape, night-time portraits.

“Children and adults alike delight in the Rings Fountain at Milk Street and its unpredictable and irresistible water patterns that jet into the air from a flat paved surface” – Rose Kennedy Greenway Website

Art & Angles along the way.

The Greenway Maze. I walked the whole thing and made it to the middle!

We ambled around the North End and debated dessert cocktails and dessert… deciding against both I still looked wistfully at my favorite place to get espresso martinis – Trattoria Il Panino.

We went home after that – we had work the next day! But I hoped you enjoyed our photographic journey as much as we enjoyed the real deal! Did you go on a similar stroll? Or maybe we missed something! Please comment or e-mail me any thoughts you have about my Monday night out in Boston, I’d love to hear from you.