25th Birthday Flyer

25th Birthday Flyer

Jun 30, 2017

I’ve known my friend Morgan since elementary school! While we haven’t always been close, I know we’d always do anything for each other. I was thrilled when she mentioned she wanted to celebrate her big quarter-century birthday in Boston, and more, wanted my advice on where to go to have a good time! All I asked her was what kind of night she wanted and how many people she was interested in celebrating with. She invited about 20 people and had picked three hotels in the city in her budget.¬†From there I researched the areas around each hotel and gave her three outlined night-out plans. She picked the one she thought would be the most fun and then I pulled together the celebration you see below! Morgan has two kids and two jobs; she was so grateful to have someone else help her plan out this fun night and I was super happy to make sure she had the night out she deserved! This flyer made it easy for her to communicate the party plan with all the guests so the night could run smoothly – and it did! We had an amazing time from getting ready in the hotel room to hitting the dance floor!

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