Going Out: West Back Bay

Going Out: West Back Bay

Oct 06, 2017

My client, Tess*, had just moved to Boston to be with her boyfriend. This weekend, some of Tess’s friends from college are coming to visit and she really wanted to show them a good time! But she’s only been here a couple months and not really sure where to go. Based on the area of the city, I recommended what I felt they would most enjoy. I provided them with an infographic containing the recommended bars, why each was great, and a map of the locations. With the recommendations of a local, Tess was able to spare herself hours of research and stress. The downloadable image file** I shared with Tess is included below:

My personalized ‘Going Out’ flyers can be customized for each client’s needs to accommodate all kinds of scenarios – walking limitations, food allergies, budget, alcohol preferences, etc. Contact me about the night out you’d like to plan! The initial consultation is free so you have nothing to lose.

*All names, addresses and personal info are changed to protect the privacy of clients.

** Image altered to reduce size for internet speeds. For higher quality samples please inquire 🙂

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