Tips when Going Out for Dinner in the North End

Tips when Going Out for Dinner in the North End

Oct 15, 2017

Going out in Boston can be tough! Especially in a small and busy district like the North End. Here are some tips about going out in the North End.

  1. If you don’t travel to Boston often, I always recommend looking at a map of Boston, and the area you’re going, before you get there. This 3-minute google search can save you tons of time. I included a map of Boston and the North End area below.
  2. Look up where to park/valet ahead of time. Expect local traffic/congestion.
  3. If you’re going on a weekend, making a reservation is crucial.
  4. Don’t expect your table to be ready even if you make a reservation. Also, most places would prefer to seat an extra table than waste the space on a host stand. Which leads to my next tip…
  5. Plan to wait outside. Again, no room!
  6. The valet in the North End isn’t typically restaurant-specific, it’s shared between multiple hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Plan to give the valet a 20-30 minute heads up before you need your car back.
  7. Expect lackadaisical bar service. There’s probably a lot of people near the bar, the bartender will get to you when he can. Relax, slow down, it’s fine.
  8. On noise and proximity… again, the more tables the better! Expect close quarters and lots of chatter! Don’t think of it as noisy and distracting, think of it as lively and engaging.

Bonus Advice when Going Out in the North End….

  1. Arrive early and take a stroll past the historic….
  2. It’s always worth the wait for a dessert pastry at….
  3. If you’d prefer a nightcap for dessert, I recommend…
  4. A good hotel┬ánear this area is the…

There you go! 8 Tips about what to plan for when going out in Boston’s North End! Interested in the extra information from my bonus advice? Looking to go out in the North End but can’t decide between places? Or just don’t have time to figure it all out (directions, parking, reservations, dessert..) – lets chat! I’d love to make it easy for you to have a great night out.

Looking for more examples of how my advice can be useful? Check out how I helped my client, Tess, go out last weekend in West Back Bay.


Map of Boston with the North End highlighted and nearby areas called out.

Map of Boston’s North End.

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