I shoot with a Nikon DSLR d3300 (and occasionally an iPhone 7). I will take pictures for you for just about anything your heart desires. Here are some examples:

  • Birthdays
  • Live Music / Band / Performance
  • Kids Parties
  • Beach Days
  • LinkedIn Headshots
  • Backyard BBQs
  • Hiking / Nature
  • Boston tours
  • Festivals
  • Just for fun
  • Modeling Headshots
  • Senior Photos
  • Prom Pictures
  • Engagement / Wedding
  • Food (ie. to update your restaurant website)

Photography Examples

Check out some of the albums in my photography portfolio! Also please check me out (and SMASH that like button) on Instragram @KaylasNightOut, click here to view in your browser. Or click through some of my blog – a lot of posts have pictures in them like this one from a bowling event!


Pricing varies based on the time, effort, and travel for the shoot.

That being said, I like to think I’m different than your average photographer because I’m happy to negotiate. Are you a new band trying to get some shots for you website? That’s cool! I’d love to hear you play and snap a few. This is an example of what I feel is a niche market – those situations where professional-level photos are a “nice to have” rather than a “need to have” so when someone wants $250 for 2 hours, that’s not cheap! I’m very willing to cut that in half, and even more so if you’re inviting me to enjoy a cool event. Perhaps you could think of me as your friend with a nice camera more than your professional photographer – let’s make this easy.


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