Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Flyers & Invitations

Q: Can I get these printed? 

Sure, I recommend printing them yourself  8.5 x 11 fancy paper. Text may be difficult to read if you get too small, varying per invitation.

Q: How do I receive the custom modern invitation?

I can text and/or e-mail you the invitation as a .JPEG or .PDF file.

Q: What if I want changes to the invitation? 

Let’s talk! I’m happy to make changes if information is incorrect or missing.

Q: How much information do I need to provide? 

This is your event, so tell me whatever you want or need to happen – details from where to when. But if you don’t know then I’m happy to fill in the blanks with my “locals” knowledge and I offer trip planning services. Each invitation starts with an informational e-mail or phone conversation to cover the basics.

Q: How are the invitations distributed? 

That’s up to you! Once the invitation is in your inbox, I recommend you either e-mail or text it to all your guests individually.

Q: Some of these invitations have a lot of detail. How can someone see that on a cell phone screen?

Great question! It is hard to read in the image thumbnail on a cell phone, but if you click on the image and zoom in, you should be able to read all text very clearly. I recommend planners and guests save the image to their camera roll so they can reference the invitation whenever they need to.

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