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Welcome to Kayla’s Night Out!

By kayla
At Mar 26, 2017

Do you work hard all week? Ya!

Do you deserve to have a great time? Ya!

Do you wish there was a better to way to guarantee that great time? YA!! 

I couldn’t agree more! We all work so damn hard, we deserve a great night out every time we go out. I don’t mean to brag, but there aren’t too many nights that I didn’t have a good time – I want to share that luck with everyone! My hope is that by sharing my experiences and honest reflections, you can plan to have a better night out!

I am working on describing all of my best nights out at a variety of bars, gastropubs, music venues, and more! As I am working on writing these reviews for the 100+ bars in Boston alone that I’ve already been to, please feel free to message me about specific bar reviews, additional opinions, and night-out coordination.

Off to the bar,


[Boston, MA] This is the view of Atlantic Avenue from the Custom House Tower, featuring Rowes Wharf’s Boston Harbor Hotel (center), the International Place skyscrapers (right), and the Seaport in the background.